Dragon Ball Super: A Death Prompts New Questions About the Grand Priest's Angel Law

Dragon Ball Super has set up plenty of questions during its run, and the manga has only given fans more food for thought as of late. That is all thanks to the series' ongoing arc starring Moro, but the baddie is the least of fans' worries. The fandom is all shaken up these days thanks to a specific death, and it has readers thinking more intently about the angels and their creed.

If you are all caught up with the Dragon Ball Super manga, the issue at hand should be obvious. Readers watched on as Goku witnessed his mentor Merus fade was existence. The emotional moment came after the angel took Moro down a few pegs and nixed his ability to copy abilities. Naturally, this has made Moro are more realistic opponent to defeat, but Merus' death was a hard pill to swallow for so many.

As you can imagine, the loss got to fans, and they have started to raise a few important questions about Angel Law as a result. The creed is one presumably created by the Grand Priest, and it is one abided by all of the angels. From Whis and beyond, all of the Grand Priest's children must abide by the rules, and the father knew Merus was not a fan of the creed.

Dragon Ball Super Manga 54 What Are the Angel Laws Whis Merus

Dragon Ball Super readers will remember that the Grand Priest wanted to recall Merus to better teach him the law, but Whis convinced him to let the boy go. In the end, it was Whis who casually pressured Merus to break the law further by intervening with Moro, and he did so knowing full well his younger brother would die.


Given the Grand Priest's paternal nature, fans are wondering if Whis could catch flak for his role in Merus' death. There is also the question of whether the angel can be revived or if that breaks another code. With such little information out there on Angel Law, it is impossible to say what will come next for the deities, but fans can't help but pray for a happier ending for Merus.

Do you think there is a chance merus will be revived? or will the angel live on in our memories only? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.