Dragon Ball Super Explains Why Merus Chose to Forsake His Angelic Oath

Dragon Ball Super did a lot for the franchise, but one of its biggest reveals came with its angels. Whis was an unexpected addition to the canon, but his power and mentorship were more than welcome. Of course, the manga's current arc complicated things with the debut of a new angel, and it seems Merus had a good reason for forsaking his angelic oath.

Recently, chapter 63 of Dragon Ball Super got things moving with Merus when the angel returned to Earth. The hero decided he had no other choice but to fight Moro after the baddie decimated the Z-Fighters. With Goku barely healed, fans watched as the Saiyan asked Merus why he wanted to sacrifice his life for humanity, but the angel says it had nothing to do with Earth.

Instead, it seems the angel chose to intervene because of the universe at large.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 63 Spoilers Angel Law Questions Merus Moro Fight
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"I was born as an angel, meant to maintain a neutral position outside of good and evil. So even if the universe is ravaged or destroyed, I'm only supposed to sit back and watch," Merus told Goku after getting a hard hit on Moro.

"However, throughout my time working alongside the galactic patrol, something blossomed inside of me. A sense of justice."


As it turns out, Merus was moved during his time with the Galactic Patrol. The fighter witnessed his comrades struggle to protect the galaxy from injustice after injustice. Despite their weak forms, the Galactic Patrolmen held tight to their beliefs, and that changed Merus hugely. After meeting Goku, the angel affirmed his belief that nothing is more sacred than peace, and he will die for it if need be. And at the end of this chapter, that is what Merus did to ensure Goku could defeat Moro and save his planet.

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