'Dragon Ball Super' Confirms Goku Will Fight Kale & Caulifla Again

The battle between Universe 6’s Caulifla and Universe 7’s Goku was never finished, with [...]

The battle between Universe 6's Caulifla and Universe 7's Goku was never finished, with Universe 6's Kale going berserk and interrupting their fight. However, Kale has managed to figure out how to control that awesome power of hers and has improved as a result. As is stands, Goku will have a rematch with Caulifla in episode 113 of Dragon Ball Super, with Kale joining in once again.

Caulifla will challenge the still injured Goku, with the Universe 6 Saiyan demanding a rematch. However, Goku is still worn out from his battle with Jiren and won't even be able to transform into a Super Saiyan. Although, that doesn't stop him and the two begin to fight, with Goku slowly regaining his stamina as the battle continues.

Goku will then start to push Caulifla back before Kale joins in to help her partner to defeat the powerful Universe 7 warrior. This time Kale will be in full control of her powers and the two will work well together. In addition, it is believed that one of the Universe 6 Saiyan's will transform into a new warrior in this fight, with all eyes being on Caulifla.

It is confirmed that there will be a new transformation for one of these Saiyan girls, with us believing that it will be Caulifla, due to the comment Goku made earlier in the Tournament of Power. Goku in their last fight said that Caulifla has the potential to go further than Super Saiyan 2 in this very tournament, with us believing that she will do that in the upcoming episodes.

(Photo: Toei Animation)

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