Did You Catch Ultra Instinct Goku's ‘Dragon Ball Z’ Easter Egg?

Dragon Ball Super is not afraid to give its predecessors a shoutout, so fans shouldn’t be [...]

Dragon Ball Super is not afraid to give its predecessors a shoutout, so fans shouldn't be surprised to learn its latest episode had a Dragon Ball Z callout. If you thought Kefla's first attack against Ultra Instinct Goku looked familiar, it's because you were right.

Over on Reddit, fans of Dragon Ball were quick to point out the parallels between Kefla and a familiar Dragon Ball Z baddie. Kefla's enthusiastic charge against Goku recently saw her fly past the Saiyan when Goku dodged using Ultra Instinct. However, it was Recoome who trademarked the slip back in Dragon Ball Z.

If fans can recall, the Ginyu Force member had a similar run-in with Goku years ago. The Saiyan didn't need Ultra Instinct to dodge Recoome, but the humanoid fighter was still shown up by the hero. As you can see below, Recoome went straight at Goku in the hopes of landing a punch, but the flamboyant fighter missed when Goku got out of dodge.

Of course, Dragon Ball fans are glad to see the franchise paying respects to its roots. Dragon Ball Z debuted back in the 1990s and is still recognized as one of the best shonen series of all-time. Recoome and his fellow Ginyu Force members have become fan-favorite characters amongst fans, and the orange-haired man is only outdone by guys like Captain Ginyu himself.

Of course, this isn't the only easter egg Dragon Ball Super has tucked away for fans to catch. In the past, Freeza stunned fans by mirroring a speech Goku gave to him on Planet Namek, and the Saiyan also had a throwback of his own to the original Dragon Ball anime a couple months back.

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