Dragon Ball Super Dub Final Episode Recap with Spoilers

After nearly two years of waiting, the moment is finally here. Dragon Ball Super's Tournament of Power is now at its final moments with the English dub run of the series on Toonami, and the battle between the seventh universe and Jiren is coming to a close. Goku gave every last bit of his power in his attempt to defeat Jiren with the use of the Autonomous Ultra Instinct, but it left him completely weakened. This left Freeza and Android 17 with all the responsibility of winning the tournament for their universe...but it's not quite over.

How does it all come to an end? Can Goku, Freeza, and 17 defeat Jiren once and for all? Which universe survives? Who wins the Tournament of Power? Read on to find out everything that happened on the final episode of Dragon Ball Super on Toonami!

  1. Jiren berates Android 17 and Freeza for continuing to fight, and saving Goku is just something holding them back. But Freeza is just using Goku as a way to get himself closer to the Super Dragon Balls. Sensing that Jiren has gotten weaker following his fight with Goku, Freeza and 17 begin their fight with Jiren. Freeza takes the frontal assault while 17 looks for a way in.
  2. Freeza continues to taunt Jiren, saying he's scared to be a weakling again, but this causes Jiren to rage and make mistakes. 17 capitalizes on those mistakes as he and Freeza manage to deal a good blow to Jiren by trapping him within a energy barrier and telekinesis. Their teamwork makes Jiren take a step back, and Freeza calmly walks up to him with a Death Beam as Jiren falls to his knees.
  3. It's here that Top calls out for Jiren. Telling him he can't just give up, and that he must fight with all of his pride until the end. Although Jiren thinks he doesn't have friends, Top clearly has a deeper respect for him and his strength than Jiren expects. This hypes up Jiren even more, and he grows to the same incredible strength he fought back Goku with.
  4. Freeza and 17 struggle to push back the resulting wave of energy, and nearly fall in their defenses, but Goku manages to save them at the last minute. Continuing to help them push back this energy, he apologizes to Freeza and 17 for making them wait so long and leaving everything to them. He then suggests he and Freeza launch an offensive while 17 stays back and looks for an opening.
  5. Knowing that they have all pushed beyond what they can do alone, Goku insists they have to work together their universe will be erased. Seeing Goku standing, Jiren unleashes a greater wave of energy as he continues to get stronger. Goku wonders if they'll be able to beat such a strong person, but Freeza tells Goku to remember their deal and Goku and he stand firm in their resolve to work together and give it everything they have.
  6. With this, the three of them push back the energy and Jiren flies toward all of them. Goku and Freeza team up and launch an offensive, and work pretty well together while 17 hits Jiren with pot shots of energy to keep him pinned down. Jiren manages to counter most of their attacks, but Goku and Freeza steadily make more noticeable hits.
  7. Goku throws Freeza at Jiren and he attempts to push himself out of the stage along with him. But Jiren stops Freeza's flight, and it's here that Goku joins the two and they begin to push Jiren out of the stage. With one final burst of energy, Goku and Freeza eliminate Jiren from the Tournament of Power. 17 is the only one left in the ring.
  8. Freeza is fine with this outcome as long as Goku promises to revive him, and soon after the eleventh universe is erased. Goku and Jiren vow to fight one another someday before they do. With 17 declared the winner, Grand Minister summons Super Shenron and asks what his wish is. 17 surprisingly asks for the return of all the erased universes.
  9. The universes begin their return to their place of origin successfully as Top and Jiren stand in a Universe 11 city. Jiren says he can't form connections with others because he's bound by the past, but Top argues that this isn't the case. Jiren then reaffirms his vow to fight Goku once more. Android 17 then jokes he's okay without the cruise and says Goku's influence must have made him wish for the universes to return.
  10. As Freeza prepares to return to Hell, Whis brings him back to life as a gift from Beerus for doing so well in the Tournament of Power. Freeza isn't done with being evil by any means, but Goku is ready to stop him when the time comes. The Omni-Kings are pleased with this outcome, and they figured the winner would return all the universes anyway. Grand Minister reveals they would've erased all the universes had the winner made a selfish wish.
  11. Goku and the seventh universe fighters return home, and begin their lives anew. Bulma helps 17 get his cruiser for a trip around the world, Freeza begins to raise his army from the beginning, and Goku and Vegeta training for whatever happens next. Goku reveals he can't tap into Autonomous Ultra Instinct at will as it was just being lucky, but this fuels Vegeta to get even stronger. Hearing Vegeta say that, Goku vows the same as the two of them reach for new limits and new heights.

Dragon Ball Super currently airs its English dub on Adult Swim during the Toonami programming block on Saturday evenings, and is also available to stream on Funimation and Amazon Video. The Japanese-language release of the series is complete, and available to stream on FunimationNOW and Crunchyroll. The manga has chapters that can currently be read for free thanks to Viz Media, and Dragon Ball Super's big movie, Dragon Ball Super: Broly, is now available on Blu-ray and DVD.