New ‘Dragon Ball Super’ Preview Teases Jiren's Comeback

Dragon Ball Super showed fans just what Jiren could do a few weeks back, but the Universe 11 [...]

Dragon Ball Super showed fans just what Jiren could do a few weeks back, but the Universe 11 fighter has been MIA since. After taking down Goku, the Pride Trooper has been meditating away while the Tournament of Power goes on around him. However, a new episode proves that is all about to change.

Last weekend, Dragon Ball Super aired its 115th episode, and it saw Goku stumble into his Ultra Instinct state once more. The fight powered up against Super Saiyan Kefla for what's being coined as the ultimate Saiyan battle, but fans are also keeping one eye on Jiren.

As you can see above, the preview for episode 116 sees Goku test out Ultra Instinct against his latest rival. The leveled-up hero seems to be giving SSJ Kefla a run for her money, and it seems like Vegeta isn't the only one taking notice. After all, the reel does show Jiren opening his eyes and breaking his meditation because of the power levels Goku is putting out.

Of course, fans have expected Jiren to be knocked out of his reverie for awhile now. The Pride Trooper is good at keeping a clear mind, but Jiren cannot simply ignore the raging power levels surrounding him during the tournament. Jiren was quick to twitch with Kefla first debuted its fusion-based powers, and the fight jumped in the anime's most recent episode when SSJ Kefla and UI Goku had their stand-off.

If you keep up with the synopses for Dragon Ball Super, then you will know Jiren's comeback has been coming for awhile. Summaries about episode 116 say Jiren stops meditating after his interest in Goku's new fight is piqued, but it seems the Pride Trooper will not stay active for long. The synopses for Dragon Ball Super's future episodes fail to mention Jiren as far as fans know, so it seems likely the fighter goes back to meditating when Goku falls out of Ultra Instinct for a second time.

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