[SPOILER] Gets a Lovely New Transformation on 'Dragon Ball Super'

Warning! Spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Episode 117 below! As teased in the last episode, Universe [...]

Warning! Spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Episode 117 below!

As teased in the last episode, Universe 2 launched an assault on Goku. When the Androids jump in protect him, Ribrianne is pushed to the point of needing an awesome new transformation.

Ribrianne grew to an insane, mech-like size and almost crushed Android 18 beneath her fist.

When the God of Destruction for Universe 2, Heles, unveiled her plan to have the five remaining fighters of her universe attack a weakened Goku, the remaining members of the Kamikaze Fireballs, Ribrianne and Rozie, lead the charge.

Luckily for Goku, Android 17 and 18 jump in to help in time. Android 17 went off to fight Rozie, while Android 18 - who had been hurt previously - was face to face with Ribrianne.

Insulting her lack of love, Ribrianne launched a series of attacks on Android 18 to comical effect. Ribrianne is the funniest character in the Tournament of Power and it's certainly showed here. Android 18 effortlessly dodged her attacks, and Ribrianne grew more desperate as the fight went on.

Android 18 then unleashed her counterattack, and thus put Ribrianne on the ropes. Ribrianne loses her primary transformation and reverts back to the normal Brianne. After unleashing her ultimate move, an energy beam that bound Android 18 within a giant heart, the now powerless Brianne receives the power of love from the eliminated members of Universe 2 with the help of glowsticks reminiscent of an Idol performance.

This newer power of love boosts Ribrianne's strength and she grows to an immense size. Her size nearly covers the entire Tournament of Power stage, and giant butterfly wings grow from her back. With Android 18 still bound in place, Ribrianne threatens her one last time and launches a giant fist toward Android 18.

Thanks to Android 18 remembering what she's fighting for, Krillin and her daughter Marron, she breaks out the bonds, coolly runs up her arms, breaks off her hand into chunks resembling a scene from a Trigger or Gainax series finale, dodges a blast thanks to the help of Android 17, and defeats the goliath Ribrianne.

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