‘Dragon Ball Super’ Teases An Intense Piccolo & Gohan Match

Dragon Ball fans are used to seeing their favorite fighters go it alone, but not everyone has to [...]

Dragon Ball fans are used to seeing their favorite fighters go it alone, but not everyone has to battle like Vegeta. The Saiyan may not like to tag team, but other Z-Fighters do not mind partnering up when need be. So, fans shouldn't be too surprised to hear Piccolo and Gohan will be teaming up soon.

Recently, Weekly Shonen Jump released its latest issue, and the magazine housed a synopsis for an upcoming episode of Dragon Ball Super. Translator @Herms98 turned the description around for English-speaking fans, so you can check out the synopsis of episode 118 below:

"Gohan and Piccolo's tough fight?! Gohan and Piccolo struggle against the desperate attacks of Universe 6's final warriors, Saonel and Pirina! Piccolo therefore suggests a method of attack their opponents won't expect."

Of course, fans have simply been waiting for the Piccolo and Gohan team to resurface. The pair have a lengthy history with one another, and Piccolo is no stranger to fighting with Gohan. The fandom jokes that the Namekians knows Gohan's style better than Goku ever could, but there may be truth to the statement. After all, the duo did train together before the Tournament of Power even got underway.

If audiences are surprised by anything, it is that Gohan and Piccolo will apparently have a tough battle with the Universe 6 Namekians. Saonel and Pirina are the only remaining members of their team, so the fate of Universe 6 lies on their broad shoulders. The two will have to give everything they've got against Gohan and Piccolo, so fans should expect both teams to pull out some massive tag-team moves.

For now, fans can only guess how the Namekians will fare against the Universe 7 duo, but they stand a good chance should they fuse. Dragon Ball has previously shown audiences that Namekian Fusions multiply power to an insane degree, so Saonel and Pirina may forfeit their autonomy if it means saving Universe 6 from destruction. If that happens, Gohan may have a good reason to break out his Ultimate form, and Piccolo could surprise by debuting a power-up of his own.

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