‘Dragon Ball Super’ Preview Puts Two Universes In Grave Danger

Dragon Ball Super is still wading through the Tournament of Power, but it seems more than one team [...]

Dragon Ball Super is still wading through the Tournament of Power, but it seems more than one team may get nixed from the event soon. The anime's latest episode preview is already out, and things are not looking good for two universes.

As you can see above, the preview for episode 118 begins with Piccolo and Gohan heading into battle. The pair are tasked with fighting the Namekians of Universe 6, but Pirina and Saoneru will not go down so easily.

"Just then, Universe 6 begins its all-out attack," Goku can be heard explaining during the preview. "

Piccolo and Gohan are cornered by enemies with unlimited regeneration. Universe 7 is in peril!"

Of course, fans know that Universe 7 is not the team they need to be worried about; Goku will find a way to off Universe 2, and Ultimate Gohan surely didn't train in vain. When the odds are stacked, the teams in trouble are none other than Universe 2 and Universe 6.

As fans will know, Universe 2 is in big trouble after Dragon Ball Super's latest episode. The anime pitted Androids 17 and 18 against the universe's loveliest fighters. After Universe 2 tried to ambush Goku, the Universe 7 fighters drew their fire away from Goku by taking on Ribrianne and Rozie. Android 17 concocted a sly plan to knock the latter out of the Tournament, and Ribrianne followed shortly after she debuted her final transformation.

With the two girls gone, Universe 2 has three fighters left in the event, and the trio has its eyes set on Goku. The Saiyan may be tired, but there is no doubt he will take out the gang; After all, a synopsis released for episode 118 did confirm Goku will use a Kamehameha wave to take the squad out after Freeza tries to fight them.

As for Universe 6, the team only has two fighters left in play following Kefla's defeat. The Namekians have the burden of an entire universe on their shoulders, and they will use that pressure to boost them against Universe 7. With Dragon Ball Super eager to reign in its Tournament roster, it seems like Champa's team is all but guaranteed to bite the dust, and their elimination will weigh on their tentative comrades from Universe 7.

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