Did ‘Dragon Ball Super’ Leak Its Next Shocking Elimination?

When it comes to the Tournament of Power, everyone wants to know which universe will be the next [...]

When it comes to the Tournament of Power, everyone wants to know which universe will be the next to go. So far, Universe 9 and 10 have been taken out of the event, but it seems another will join the pair next week. And, thanks to Toei Animation, it looks like two universes will be going at that.

This weekend, Dragon Ball Super released its 117th episode and turned its spotlight to Androids 17 and 18. The pair stepped in to save Goku from an ambush by Universe 2, and the twins managed to knock two fighters from the offending universe. With their universe's fate at stake, the remaining members of Universe 2 will try to defend their home, but it seems they won't be successful.

If you stuck around for Dragon Ball Super's preview for next week, then you will know why Universe 2 is all but damned. The reel revealed Toei's translation of the show's next episode, and the company confirmed it was "Accelerated Tragedy; Vanishing Universes…"

Of course, Dragon Ball diehards have known the title for awhile now. Magazines like Weekly Shonen Jump revealed the name of episode 118 awhile back, but Japan's tricky language made one thing unclear. Japanese lacks a true plural form, so fans were unsure if a singular universe would be taken out in 118 or if more than one might go. Now, Toei seems to have confirmed the title does refer to multiple eliminations, and fans are preparing themselves for a sad farewell.

Audiences may be ready to see Universe 2 go, but the anime's other victim will be harder to part with. Universe 6 is poised to be annihilated as well thanks to its dwindling roster. The team only has its Namekians left to fend for it, and the duo will take on Gohan and Piccolo next week. The preview directly calls out both of the universes, and its title basically confirms the pair will undergo a double elimination.

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