‘Dragon Ball Super’ Just Brought Back A Favorite Piccolo Attack

This weekend, Dragon Ball Super left fans wanting with its new release, but the episode had a few moments which were worth the wait. Piccolo took charge of one such scene when he unleashed a very familiar attack, and fans were happy to see the explosive move make a comeback.

If you are caught up with Dragon Ball Super, you know Piccolo had a rough time in its new episode. The fighter had barely finished his take down of the Universe 6 Namekians when an invisible threat made itself known. With Universe 4 nipping at his heels, Piccolo decided to go all-out in eliminating his team’s unseen villain.

So, of course, Piccolo chose to bust out an impressive Explosive Demon Wave.

Over on social media, fans were quick to celebrate Piccolo and his nostalgic strategy. The hero’s attack has had plenty of names over the years, but it is impossible to mistake Piccolo’s move when it is up-close. The fighter used it in a bid to wipe out Universe 4’s invisible fighter as Piccolo suspected his opponent would be close. The move was theoretically meant to out the fighter without Piccolo needing to aim, but the plan failed. Piccolo drained lots of energy for nothing as the enemy was able to flee just in time.


Piccolo may like the flashy nature of the Explosive Demon Wave, but it isn’t a foolproof attack by any means. In the past, the Namekian has tried and failed to use the attack on a slew of fighters. Most notably, Piccolo used the Explosive Demon Wave against Goku during the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament, but the attempt did not work. Piccolo also tried to use the move on Raditz to no avail, but the attack did work on the Moon. So, go figure.

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