Final ‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode Titles Tease Show’s Last Moments

It looks like the end is upon fans of Dragon Ball Super. In just a matter of weeks, the anime will [...]

It looks like the end is upon fans of Dragon Ball Super. In just a matter of weeks, the anime will wrap after airing more than 130 episodes. Now, provisional titles for its last episodes have gone live, and their names hint at how the anime might end.

Over in Japan, a new day has rolled in, giving a slew of magazine issues their chance to hit shelves. Many of them include television guide information for anime titles, and translators were quick to turn around their information regarding Dragon Ball Super.

So, if you want to know what the anime's last two episodes are being called for now, you are in luck. Spoilers below!

According to translations, the provisional title for episode 130 is called "An Unprecedented Super Showdown." The episode will be followed by Dragon Ball Super's final which is titled "Goku, Until the Day We Meet Again."

Looking at the titles, fans may think the name of 131 is familiar, and they would be correct. After all, the final episode of Dragon Ball GT has that same title just about. Its last episode was titled "Goodbye, Goku... Until the Day We Meet Again."

So far, fans are curious as to what the first title means. The showdown mentioned is said to be an unprecedented one, so many assume the skirmish will be between Goku and Jiren. However, the fight could be a groundbreaking one for another reason. After all, if Freeza were to team up with Goku to take out Jiren, that would be a truly unprecedented turnaround.

As for the final episode title, it seems to reveal one big point: the winner of the Tournament of Power. The title references Goku directly, so fans are wondering if that is enough confirmation to say Universe 7 wins the event. Of course, the team would lose and be wished back by some turn of events, but Goku's new Ultra Instinct form gives him a good shot at beating Jiren. If this new title isn't

being sneaky, then it does give a soft confirmation to Goku winning the whole event.

The titles do not give any hint at whether a new anime will follow Dragon Ball Super, but fans have their hopes. After all, Dragon Ball GT was followed up with a new title after it wrapped, but the show did take nearly twenty years to come around. Hopefully, Toei Animation will not keep anime fans in the dark for that long this time.

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