'Dragon Ball Super' What Happens if Freeza Wins the Tournament of Power?

Dragon Ball Super is speeding (careening?) toward the ending to the Tournament of Power, which [...]

Dragon Ball Super is speeding (careening?) toward the ending to the Tournament of Power, which will also serve as an ending to the series as a whole. With every new episode, it seems the outcome to the final rounds of the tournament are becoming more and more clear - with one big exception: Freeza.

The latest batches of Dragon Ball Super spoilers have clearly spelled out what fates await Vegeta, Goku, and (presumably) Jiren. However, there's been one big hole in the spoiler leaks: what, exactly, happens with Freeza. Some fan theories say that the Freeza could be the key to helping Goku unlock a mastered Ultra Instinct and defeating Jiren; however, other fans believe that the Dragon Ball villain will say true to his nature, and could be maneuvering himself into being the last man standing in the ring.

Going with that latter theory, it's about time to ask: What if Freeza ends up winning the Tournament of Power?

What Freeza Wants

Even though we may have lost sight of this fact during all the ups, downs, and twists of the Tournament of Power, but Freeza only ever wants two things out of life:

  1. To be the ultimate power in the universe.
  2. To actually, you know, be alive!

After the events of Dragon Ball Super, Freeza has none of the above. The latest Saiyan powerups (Ultra Instinct and Beyond Super Saiyan Blue) have outclassed Golden Freeza's power, and Freeza is still (literally) in hell, given a temporary furlough just to fight in the tournament. So, we already know what Freeza wants from a Super Dragon Ball wish - it's just about how he goes about getting it...

Freeza's Wish

Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power Winner Freeza

Freeza's wish has been a major topic in our discussions of how the Tournament of Power can end, and/or what kind of cliffhanger Dragon Ball Super could end on. In order to achieve his goals of regaining life and becoming the ultimate power in the universe, there are several theoretical wishes Freeza could make:

  1. Retcon Time - Basically, the events of Dragon Ball Super are where Goku and Vegeta began to outpace Freeza in a big way - and so by simply erasing those events and retconning the events of the series, Freeza would be able to regin.
  2. Disrupt The Divine Order - Freeza's megalomaniacal mind can't handle the idea of beings greater than himself existing in the universe, as he's expressed some noted disdain for divine beings like the Supreme Kais, gods, or angels. In order to restore his existence and become the biggest power in the universe, Freeza could erase the divine hierarchy entirely.
  3. Grand Supreme Ruler - Freeza has been intrigued by the new techniques and powers he's witnessed in the Tournament of Power, and that interest could be leading to a simple wish: that he could be restored to life, and be more powerful than everyone or everything he's seen! Not only would that include Ultra Instinct Goku and Jiren,but also the Zenos and Grand Priest. What would the universe look like with Freeza as its only god? We may soon find out.

Some fans see other theories working out:


from discussion Super Spoiler Megathread: Episodes 128-129.

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