'Dragon Ball Super' Brings Out Freeza's Sadistic Side

Freeza's reintroduction into Dragon Ball Super was one of the fan-favorite decisions made during [...]

Freeza's reintroduction into Dragon Ball Super was one of the fan-favorite decisions made during the Universe Survival arc, and the popular villain has definitely made an impression in the manga's version of the Tournament of Power as well as he's completely letting loose.

The latest chapter brought out more of the villain's nastier side as he plays around with Universe 11's Toppo and Dyspo before they're eliminated from the tournament.

When Vegeta knocks Toppo to the edges of the arena, Toppo decides to hang back and rely on Jiren to defeat Universe 7. Freeza then ridicules him for pathetically relying on another's power to win, and although it is not exactly playing fair, Freeza has no problems picking off an already weakened opponent.

So he begins toying with Toppo, kicking him from floating rubble to floating rubble until Toppo is struggling to hold on. Dypso then jumps off the arena to help the struggling Toppo, which Freeza relishes in. Freeza then returns to the arena proper and blasts every floating piece of rubble, leaving Toppo and Dyspo without a way to get back.

He then blasts the rock they are on and makes it smaller. He was about to play with them even more, but is chastised by Android 17 for wasting time and not just eliminating them quickly. Freeza was about to do so, but is quickly interrupted by Jiren and is knocked away.

Freeza later tries to buy time against Jiren in the battle, but is quickly overpowered from there. But it's a strategy that Whis notes is different from his sadistic display earlier. It's almost like Freeza's acting in Universe 7's benefit with his movements. But it's still not enough to completely negate what he did just before.

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