Dragon Ball Super Art Imagines Goku and Vegeta's Godly Future

One Dragon Ball Super fan has imagined Goku and Vegeta's godly futures with some slick new art! Dragon Ball Super's newest arc is taking the manga far beyond the realms the anime last explored, and Goku and Vegeta have officially broken through into godhood territory. With Goku now having mastered reaching his Ultra Instinct form at will and training together with Whis in this angelic ability, the newest chapter of the series takes it one step further by teasing that Vegeta could be taking up some God of Destruction training of his own.

With the new arc laying this groundwork in place, it leads to a lot of potential growth for where Goku and Vegeta could go through the rest of the series. But what's going to be the endgame of training Goku and Vegeta in godly power and techniques? As artist @AndrewBatm imagined with fans on Twitter, this could very well lead to a godlike future with an angelic Goku and destroyer Vegeta. Check it out below:

Having Goku and Vegeta eventually take over the god duties for the seventh universe does seem like a fitting future for these two fighters, but it also could be the start of another journey altogether. Imagine if this actually happened for the two of them, but the fight only gets tougher as the two of them turn their attention to the threats in the godly realm. That's not entirely odd to think about when factoring in the End of Z timeline either.

There's also the factor of whether or not this could even be possible for characters like Goku and Vegeta. While Vegeta is patient and will follow rules and hierarchies when necessary, it's hard to imagine Goku taking the role of an Angel and following the strict laws and rules holding them back from taking any action. One definitely seems better fit than the other, but it's really hard to imagine them going completely different routes.

But what do you think? Would this be a fitting godlike future for Goku and Vegeta? Do you think this would be a good ending for Dragon Ball Super or the beginning of even more fights? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!