Dragon Ball Super Reveals Key Fact About Angels and Ultra Instinct

Dragon Ball Super's new Granola The Survivor arc has hit the ground running with its expansion of [...]

Dragon Ball Super's new Granola The Survivor arc has hit the ground running with its expansion of Dragon Ball mythos. The first chapter of the manga's new arc sees Goku continuing to push his training with the new Ultra Instinct power he achieved fighting Moro. When Goku and Vegeta get back together with Lord Beerus and Whis for the next step in achieving godly power, it turns out to be an unexpectedly informative training session. Goku learns from Whis that Ultra Instinct has many levels to its power, while Beerus informs Vegeta how angels have achieved one special form of Ultra Instinct power!

WARNING: Dragon Ball Super manga Chapter 68 SPOILERS Follow!

Goku gets his new lessons in Ultra Instinct through a sparring session with Whis, in Lord Beerus' realm. Goku tries using the speed and unique energy manipulation tricks of Ultra Instinct to pull off some Naruto-style jutsu moves, but Whis' zen-like calm and precision left Goku on the proverbial mat. It's then that Goku gets to set his sights on the next goal in his evolution as a warrior: developing his own form of Ultra Instinct technique.

Beerus and Vegeta are watching Goku and Whis spar from the sidelines, and when Whis effortless thrashes Goku in Perfected Ultra Instinct form, Vegeta questions whether or not Whis is using Ultra Instinct to do so. As Beerus reveals in his answer: "Not exactly. Angels are always in the Instinct state."

Dragon Ball Super 68 Spoilers Whis Angels Ultra Instinct Powers Explained
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Early on, the terminology surrounding Ultra Instinct raised a lot of questions. The manga went into particular detail about how Ultra Instinct was a divine power that was more of a "state" a warrior could achieve - one that even Master Roshi was able to (briefly) tap into during the Tournament of Power. It's not a transformation in the same sense as Super Saiyan, and Angels being in a state of constant Ultra Instinct makes sense.

Whis has always been clearly more powerful than Goku and Vegeta or foes like Freeza or Broly, always holding his own without seemingly breaking a sweat. lt now makes much more sense why Whis is able to easily keep the upper hand, as he has an inexhaustible source of higher-grade Ultra Instinct at his disposal.

This conspicuous fact-drop from Lord Beerus also clearly helps draw a roadmap for Goku: we now know that a constant (and imperceptible) state of Ultra Instinct is a possible higher power level that Goku can achieve. Dragon Ball fans also have new reasons to debate whether or not Whis could stand against Beerus in a fight, now that we know that they each use different forms of godly power.

Dragon Ball Super's new Granola The Survivor arc is now unfolding in Free Online Manga chapters. Dragon Ball anime is on indefinite hiatus.