Dragon Ball Super Explains How Ultra Instinct Can Evolve

Dragon Ball Super has kickstarted the new year with a new arc, so things are doing well for Goku [...]

Dragon Ball Super has kickstarted the new year with a new arc, so things are doing well for Goku right now. Even though a villain is beginning to plot millions of miles away, our favorite Saiyan is feeling good about himself. His master of Ultra Instinct is nothing short of a miracle, and Whis is helping Goku hone his power even further. However, it seems we may have underestimated Ultra Instinct quite a bit. The technique is not as flat as fans were led to believe, and Dragon Ball Super has teased how Goku might evolve his new form to the next level.

Warning: Dragon Ball Super chapter 68 SPOILERS Follow!

The first chapter of "Granola The Survivor" is split between what Goku and Vegeta are doing to further their training, and the events unfolding out in the universe with the mysterious warrior Granola. Goku's portion of the story deals with his training alongside Whis once again in Beerus' realm. In exchange for helping Whis get the Oracle Fish down for a much-needed nap, Goku gets a lesson on what comes next for Ultra Instinct.

Dragon Ball Super Manga 68 Spoilers New Ultra Instinct Power Levels Explained

As Whis reveals to Goku, Ultra Instinct is not a one-size-fits-all power: there is a hierarchy to it. Whis tells Goku that when it comes to Ultra Instinct he must develop his own style of the divine technique, instead of just copying Whis. As the angel explains:

"...The ability to wield Ultra Instinct is not, in and of itself, your ultimate goal. In fact, it's on the starting point. I have greater command over Ultra Instinct than Merus, and in turn, the Grand Priest's Ultra Instinct is even more accurate than my own... What I mean to say is that you at least that much room to train and grow. Doesn't that excite you?"

So there you have it: for better or worse, Akira Toriyama has turned Ultra Instinct into something much more akin to Super Saiyan. That is to say: a milestone power that has stages of power-ups to follow, thereby keeping fans invested in transformations for years to come. The caveat is that it seems Ultra Instinct is a power that can be more customized to each fighter. So how Goku's Ultra Instinct evolves may be much different than how Grand Priest or the angels use it.

Toriyama didn't stop with adding levels to Ultra Instinct; Vegeta's scenes in this new story open the door to a wide variety of new godly powers waiting to be discovered. Dragon Ball Super will have power-ups and transformations to draw upon for years to come...

Dragon Ball Super's new Granola The Survivor arc is now unfolding in Free Online Manga chapters. Dragon Ball anime is on indefinite hiatus.