Dragon Ball Reveals Goku's Woes with Beerus and His Signature Move

Dragon Ball Super has been working with Beerus since it first began, and the God of Destruction has changed a bit since his debut. The guy began as an antagonist to Goku, but he has become a reluctant ally of sorts. Nowadays, Vegeta is looking to become more like Beerus, and it seems Goku thought about doing a while back.

But as it turns out, Goku's plan did not go as planned. The Saiyan tried to learn the ways of Beerus' go-to move, but the technique backfired on our hero in the most spectacular of ways.

Dragon Ball Beerus

Goku's history with Beerus was revealed when Dragon Ball Super put out a new chapter. The update saw Beerus fight with Vegeta as the Saiyan tried to learn the key to using Hakai. The move is considered an elite skill for the Gods of Destruction, and not even Goku has been able to master the move. In fact, fans did not know if Goku ever tried to learn, but the hero admits he did once upon a time.

"Lord Beerus' signature move, huh? I kinda messed. Up that time I tried copying it," Goku told Whis when they saw Beerus use the technique against Vegeta. Of course, the God of Destruction held back enough to simply injure Vegeta rather than wipe him from existence. Whis even praises his student's power to do so, and he confirms the Hakai technique is hard to master.

"It's not a power that's easily mastered," the angel admitted.


Of course, fans are eager to see how Vegeta fairs with this attack. Goku did not master the Hakai move but moved to Ultra Instinct instead. Now, this could be Vegeta's chance to prove he is on the same level as his rival. Beerus' destructive move suits the Saiyan far more than Ultra Instinct, so let's hope Vegeta is able to do better here than Goku did!

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