'Dragon Ball Super' Fans React to Goku Black's Dub Debut

The Dragon Ball Super Dub series just entered the 'Future Trunks Saga' this past week, and the [...]

The Dragon Ball Super Dub series just entered the "Future Trunks Saga" this past week, and the opening chapter ended with the reveal that the new saga's "Big Bad" is none other than an evil version of Goku, who is known in Dragon Ball lore as "Goku Black." While the main Dragon Ball Super sub and Japanese series have already blown through the Future Trunks Saga's story of Goku Black's reign of terror (and convoluted origin story), fans of the dub are just experiencing this massive twist for the first time, and they're having some pretty impassioned responses:

Most of the "controversy" comes from the fact that Sean Schemmel did earlier takes on the Goku Black dub voice, in the Dragon Ball video games Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 and Dragon Ball FighterZ. As you can hear below, Schemmel's Goku Black voice was much different in the games, but Schemmel said at the time that it was a work in progress that would change for the Dub anime:

How do YOU feel about Goku Black's new Dub voice? Does it sound right to your ears?

Dragon Ball Super Dub airs Saturday nights @ 10:30/9:30c on Toonami (Cartoon Network).