‘Dragon Ball Super’ Just Debuted The Best Kamehameha Of All-Time

When it comes to Dragon Ball, there are no attacks quite so loved as the Kamehameha. The move was [...]

When it comes to Dragon Ball, there are no attacks quite so loved as the Kamehameha. The move was invented by Master Roshi some time ago, but Goku is the fighter who made the Turtle Destruction Wave the iconic attack it is today. And, in the latest episode of Dragon Ball Super, Goku showed off his best Kamehameha yet.

When the anime's 116th episode began, fans watched as Goku and Kefla prepared to head back into battle with one another. Super Saiyan Kefla was pitted against Ultra Instinct Goku, and the latter was eager to test out his new-found power. Despite going SSJ2, Kefla was unable to take down Goku in his new state, and the Universe 6 warrior was the one who received Goku's slick surfing Kamehameha.

As you can see below, Dragon Ball Super played up its animation as Goku prepared his do-or-die attack. The Saiyan used Ultra Instinct to dodge Kefla's attacks unconsciously, giving him the time to power up his powerful attack. Kefla continued to throw energy blasts at Goku, and the fusion used up their remaining ki to set off one final attack when Goku got close.

Kefla had hoped Goku would not be able to dodge attacks in mid-air, but the Universe 6 fusion simply underestimated the power of Ultra Instinct. Goku was able to do a slick dodge and make one awesome Kamehameha. The Saiyan used the attack to slide atop Kefla's energy blast, and Goku used that momentum to launch his Kamehameha at Kefla at point-blank range. The assault was able to push Kefla out of the arena and even break the Potara earrings which had fused Kale and Caulifla together.

Of course, there are fans who will overlook this insane attack for their own Kamehameha favorites. It is hard to outdo Roshi's first Turtle Destruction Wave, and Goku did lay damage on guys like Cell with the attack. The fighter's latest use of the Kamehameha goes to show how versatile the attack can be, and it definitely deserves recognition for being Goku's go-to move.

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