Dragon Ball: Is it Time for Goku to Leave Earth Behind?

Is it time for Goku to leave the Earth behind in Dragon Ball Super? One of the biggest questions fans have had over the years is just how strong Goku can get, and his strength seems pretty much limitless as we have seen in Dragon Ball Super's Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc. Remember how Goku seemed floating around and doing his own thing at Dragon Ball Z's ending? Maybe this is the start of getting Goku to this point as the newest chapter of the series made direct connections to Dragon Ball Z's final battle, and perhaps with it, has set the stage for Goku leaving Earth behind.

Dragon Ball Super's final battle with Moro shows that it just might be too dangerous for Goku to stick around the Earth. Not only has he brought the attention of divine beings like the Grand Priest to the planet, but Goku reaching divine power might put his loved ones in danger as each one of his attacks has endangered the Earth in some way. So, is it time for him to move on?

The biggest example of the distance in strength between Goku and the others is how all of their ki combined was only equal to Goku's Super Saiyan Blue form. He needed an additional boost of divine power, and thus it was the only kind of power that truly mattered in the moment. He's simply outclassed all of his peers on Earth, and while his friends can deal with mortal troubles like Moro's escaped prisoners, they can't defend themselves against godly beings like Moro at the end of the fight.

Dragon Ball Super Goku Leaves Earth Farewell Spoilers Manga
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He might need their help to bail him out, but him being around Earth is putting them in danger in the first place with the attention he's getting from now. Before Goku's decisions and errors factor in, there's the fact that the power scaling is only going to get more intense from here. To keep the series going, and to keep Goku motivated in Dragon Ball Super's story, the enemies are going to get tougher.

There's significance in the fact that the newest arc had Goku directly dealing with divine beings after being introduced to their hierarchy in previous arcs. It's leading to bigger and bigger stages, and thus might be signaling that it's time for Goku to head to the divine realm...whether he chooses to or not.


But what do you think? Is it time for Goku to head out into the divine realm? Or even to the rest of the multiverse? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!