What Does Goku's New Godlike Status Mean for Dragon Ball?

Dragon Ball has never had an issue coming up with power boosts for Goku. The series has given him new forms time and again when new enemies arrive, and that has not changed for Dragon Ball Super. Before the anime ended, fans kept watch of Goku as he used Mastered Ultra Instinct. Now, the hero has further solidified the use of such power against Moro, but a note given by Beerus has fans looking towards the franchise's future.

If you are caught up with Dragon Ball, you will have seen its latest issue go live. The update checked in on Goku following the death of Merus, and the angel's sacrifice was an intense one. His emotional farewell forced Goku to re-examine his reasons for fighting Moro, and after he came to terms with his rage, he unlocked the ability to use Perfected Ultra Instinct at will.

You can already guess how the battle went after that. Moro was as cocky as ever, but Goku was quick to shut the villain up. In fact, he beat the baddie around a ton, and it was there fans witnessed Beerus give some rare compliments.

Draon Ball Super Goku Kill Moro Ultra Insitnct Manga 64 Spoilers

"He's fine-tuning his moves more and more," the God of Destruction shared before adding, "Perfectly done. Respect where it's due. The way he fights is godlike."

This final line is the one that has fans scratching their heads. The idea of godlike power isn't strange to Dragon Ball fans because - well - the multiverse has introduced various gods. From Dende to Zeno, the multiverse is full of them. Even Goku and Vegeta can use godly ki when they go Super Saiyan God, but there is something different about this new fight style. Beerus doesn't hesitate to classify the work Goku is doing as godlike, and that puts him on a new level of power.


The question of Dragon Balls ceiling has been raised before, but with this new praise, fans are wondering where can the series go next. Beerus and Zeno wielded unimaginable power, so it is hard to know where Goku's story can go next should he reach their level. While there would be stories for Vegeta to experience, Dragon Ball is fundamentally focused on Goku, and it would have to find some innovative way to challenge the hero. And if it means continuing the story, fans would settle for just about any arc... even another tournament if need be!

Do you think Goku's godly turnaround will stick? Or will the series move on to a new gimmick soon? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.