Dragon Ball Super: Moro's Final Moments Draw Big Buu Saga Comparisons

Dragon Ball Super is nearing the end of its current arc, and fans are understandably hyped for its big finale. After so long in play, Moro has been dealt a finishing blow by Goku in the manga's most recent chapter. Now, it is about time to bid the baddie farewell for good, and this penultimate chapter prepped his exit with some interesting Majin Buu saga moments.

For those who have read chapter 66 of Dragon Ball Super, they will know what's up. The chapter opened with the Z-Fighters desperate to defeat Moro, but a lot had to happen for such a victory. After all, Goku underestimated the villain one too many times, and he got everyone stuck in this mess.

dragon ball moro buu

Of course, the hero is also the only one who could get Earth out of the mess, so a lot of weight fell on his shoulders. This same responsibility was felt during the Majin Buu saga, especially at the end when Kid Buu was ready to wreck the entire planet. Goku was unsure if he could beat Buu, but Vegeta lent him some much-needed help, and that was again mirrored in this new chapter. After all, his Spirit Fisson powered down Moro just enough to give Goku a good shot at the villain.

As the chapter went on, fans were introduced to a Reverse Spirit Bomb as Vegeta was asked to gather energy from the people to gift to Goku. This is the opposite of how things happened in the Buu saga as Goku began absorbing energy as well. However, this goal was to destroy Kid Buu with the Spirit Bomb rather than power him.

And in its final moment, Goku came full circle with himself a la the Buu saga era. If you will remember, Goku was shown in a close-up after he beat Buu with his Spirit Bomb. The hero said nothing and simply gave a thumbs up to everyone on the battlefield with him. That is exactly what Goku did this time against Moro. After his Ultra Instinct powers returned, he destroyed the gem powering Moro before turning around to give Vegeta a solid thumbs up.


These quick moments bring Moro's villainy even closer to that which Buu rained down, and that is appropriate. After all, the old-school baddie did help bring down Moro... even if he doesn't know it. After all, it was Uub who gave Goku the divine power to revisit Ultra Instinct, and the boy is the reincarnation of Evil Buu. So if any arc in Dragon Ball Super were to mirror the Buu saga, well - this would be the one!

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