Dragon Ball Super Teases Goku's New Powered Up Form

Dragon Ball Super has reached a new stage of the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc as Goku and Vegeta continue to train in their own intense ways before trying a third time against Planet Eater Moro. The window is certainly closing now that Planet Eater Moro has set his sights on Earth, and this deadline has especially pushed Goku into some of the most intense training yet with the mysterious Merus. The latest chapter of the series has officially put a capper on this training phase of the arc, and this means Goku and Vegeta will soon show the fruits of their training.

Chapter 55 of the series comes to a close with a tease that Goku has powered up to the point where now he can feasibly win against Moro. Unlike the first time where Goku thought he had enough strength to beat Moro, this stamp on his training was provided by Merus -- who was secretly an Angel this entire time.

Chapter 55 sees the two month training period Goku and Vegeta had left come to a close, and sees Merus trying to finish his training with Goku in their hyperbolic time chamber. The two of them prepare to go all out against one another, and it's here that Merus was revealed to be an angel as Whis suddenly appeared and chastised him. This means that Goku has been training with an Angel who wasn't holding back his power.

Before Merus leaves with Whis for nearly breaking the Angel laws and going out in battle against a mortal, Merus tells Goku that he has faith Goku will win. This is a reflection of Merus' new confidence in Goku as he didn't hold back his words when he thought Goku was much weaker initially. So if Merus is saying this, Goku must have dramatically improved.


He began this training with Merus in order to better key into his Ultra Instinct abilities, and while it's not clear if he's managed to do so, Goku has spent a lot of time learning from an Angel that was teaching him direct techniques rather than the initial dodging and reading lessons Whis gave. But that's also the kind of strengthening Moro wants for Goku and Vegeta.

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