Dragon Ball Super Will Continue with New Arc After Moro's Ends

Dragon Ball Super has kept fans guessing for the last two years, as the anime series abruptly [...]

Dragon Ball Super has kept fans guessing for the last two years, as the anime series abruptly ended, while the manga has pushed forward into a new arc. That arc, "Galactic Patrol Prisoner," has introduced a powerful new villain (Moro), and made some pretty significant advancements in the Dragon Ball universe - significant enough that fans have been wondering if this Moro Arc is the end of Dragon Ball Super. Well, now we know that's not going to be the case; we now know that Dragon Ball Super's manga will indeed be continuing, which opens the door to all kinds of new questions.

V-Jump editor "Victory" Uchida recently did an interview in which he teased his work on Dragon Ball Super alongside Akira Toriyama and manga director Toyotaro. In that interview, we got a nice bullet-point list of updates about what's going on with Dragon Ball Super, and it seems that the Moro Arc is indeed getting ready to end - and a brand new story arc is now getting ready to launch. In fact, according to Uchida, it seems the Dragon Ball Super team should be meeting today and tomorrow (at the time of writing this) in order to finalize the details of the manga's next arc. There are no details about how big in scope or long of an arc it will be, but at least we know that Dragon Ball Super will be continuing.

Fans have been wondering for some time if Dragon Ball is headed for a reboot, but for now it doesn't seem like that's the case. A lot of manga/anime industry analysts have made the case for why Toei can keep reaping the massive profits of Dragon Ball without investing in the high cost of producing a new anime, and for now that seems like the company strategy. It's winning strategy at that: Dragon Ball Super is still making headlines and grabbing fans' attention as the manga story rolls on, and the other lanes of media the series has moved into (games, merchandise) are generating nice returns even years after the anime ended.

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Given where the Moro Arc is likely going to leave things, this next Dragon Ball Super arc is truly going to be a pivotal one. Is a war between Goku and the Gods of the Universe on the horizon? We'll soon know...

Dragon Ball anime is still on hiatus. You can read new manga chapters free online HERE.