Dragon Ball Super Editor Explains How Each Chapter Is Made

Though Dragon Ball Super's anime continues to remain on hiatus, with no return date in sight for the further adventures of Goku, Vegeta, and the other Z Fighters, the manga marches on with the latest arc that pits them against the powerful wizard in Moro, as the editor for the manga has taken the time to explain how the "sausage is made" when it comes to creating new chapters. With fans preparing themselves for what appears to be a controversial new chapter of Dragon Ball Super's manga next week, it's definitely interesting to see the process laid out for bringing new battles to life!

Dragon Ball Super has been making the rounds on social media recently, thanks in part to what appears to be a "troll" as Goku commits to a move that has fans worried that the Saiyan's desire to fight and forgiving nature might change the power dynamic in the battle against Moro. With Goku achieving mastery over Ultra Instinct, he was able to systematically dismantle the energy absorbing wizard during their battle, nearly killing Moro in the process. With Moro begging for his life, Goku has renounced his place as an honorary member of the Galactic Patrol, most likely to avoid killing his fallen foe.

Twitter User Cipher_DB broke down a recent interview that editor "Victory" Uchida had with an outlet, breaking down the process that he takes in working with both Akira Toriyama and mangaka Toyotaro in creating each chapter of Dragon Ball Super's manga each month:

With the next manga chapter dropping next week, fans are waiting to see if the battle between Goku and Moro will wrap and just what surprises are left in store for the Z Fighters. Though Akira Toriyama isn't as hands on with this sequel series as he was with the earlier series of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, it's clear that he still takes some serious involvement when it comes to producing new installments for the wildly popular Shonen manga!

What do you think fo the process of creating chapters for Dragon Ball Super? Do you think that the Moro Arc will come to an end with the next chapter of the series' manga? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of Dragon Ball!