Dragon Ball Super Editor Says Moro's Arc Is Nearing Its Climax

Dragon Ball Super has been marching right along with its manga for months now, and readers are hooked. The series is continuing Goku's story beyond the anime as Universe 7 has encountered another major villain no one saw in the anime. And as it turns out, Moro's story has all but come to an end.

This big update was shared recently in an interview for V-Jump, the magazine that releases Dragon Ball Super monthly. It was there fans learned from the editor Uchida that Moro's arc is nearing its finale.

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(Photo: Shueisha)

The info was shared with fans internationally by Twitter users like Cipher_db once it was translated. At this point, there is no firm word on when the ongoing arc will end. Chapter 65 is set to debut next week in full, so Moro's story could wrap there with an epilogue to follow in November.

Of course, fans are anxious to see how this arc ends as Dragon Ball Super is in uncharted territory. Reports suggest the manga will carry on after Moro is gone, so another arc must be coming together behind the scenes. Uchiha refrained from talking about the next arc, but fans have suggestions of their own.


Netizens are pitching their most-wanted arcs already, and it seems a lot of them involve Universe 6. The gang wants Goku and Vegeta to earn travel to the alternate universe where Cabba, Kale, and Caulifla come from. This inter-universe travel would give our heroes the chance to prove their might against all Saiyans as Universe 6 was never targeted by Freeza. And if there are counterparts of Goku and Vegeta in that universe, fans want to meet them ASAP.

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