'Dragon Ball Super' Manga Makes Big Change To Kale

Dragon Ball Super made a few thousand dreams come true when it introduced Caulifla and Kale. The [...]

Dragon Ball Super made a few thousand dreams come true when it introduced Caulifla and Kale. The two heroines marked the first female Super Saiyans of the franchise, and they proved to be rather fierce warriors. Still, some struggled to jive with Kale thanks to her meek characterization, but Dragon Ball Super's manga just went out of its way to fix that.

Recently, the series saw its 32nd chapter go live, and Dragon Ball Super kicked off the chapter on Planet Sadala. The entry follows Cabba as the boy recruits fighters for the Tournament of Power, and his introduction to Kale was a welcome one.

The anime may portray Kale as an almost lovesick groupie of Caulifla, but the manga makes her much more dangerous. Kale has a clear admiration for her mentor, but she doesn't act like a damsel in distress. The girl shows off her strength secretly within the manga, and Kale did just that when a member of the Sadala Army threatens to shoot Caulifla. Before the offender can even blink, Kale runs over to grab his gun before moving back to her spot. Kale simply crushes the gun behind her back and carried on with her job.

When Cabba does confront Caulifla to recruit her, it isn't Kale who cries after the girl gets hit. The Saiyan simply watches the fight with concern, but she isn't whining. In fact, Kale says nothing until she tries to return a necklace to Caulifla which Cabba picked off her in the battle, and the boy looks stunned. Cabba didn't even notice Kale near him, and her stealth is enough to convince him of her place on Universe 6's team.

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