‘Dragon Ball Super’ Reveals How Strong Kefla Really Is

Dragon Ball Super finally saw one of its newest fighters bow out of the Tournament of Power with [...]

Dragon Ball Super finally saw one of its newest fighters bow out of the Tournament of Power with its latest episode. Kefla, the Potara fusion of Kale and Caulifla, was eliminated from the event after taking on Ultra Instinct Goku. The powerful fusion thought she had a chance to win, but Kefla was taken down with one well-timed Kamehameha Wave.

However, that doesn't mean Kefla was not as strong as fans had hoped or perhaps feared.

During the latest episode of Dragon Ball Super, fans watched as Goku tapped into Ultra Instinct after nearly being wiped out by Kefla. The fusion's awe-worthy power gave a tired Goku a run for it, but the Saiyan wound up powering into his new form when Kefla went to finish her battle. Ultra Instinct was brought back for another bout, but the form only reappeared because Kefla was strong enough to make Goku feel desperate.

After Goku revisited his Ultra Instinct form, fans watched as Universe 7 reacted to the comeback. Whis confirmed Goku did manage to pull out the godly power once more, and the angel said Ultra Instinct was refueled because Kefla's immense power triggered it in the same way Goku's recent Spirit Bomb did.

"Kefla's energy rivaled the power of the Spirit Bomb he [Goku] bathed in," Whis explained, and fans were left scratching their heads over how powerful Kefla truly became.

Ultra Instinct Goku was triggered before Kefla went Super Saiyan or even Super Saiayan 2. The fusion's base form was multiplied enough to challenge an attack which fans have long considered to be the series' strongest attack. Goku's latest Spirit Bomb may not have been supplied by an entire planet, but Goku was leant energy his his teammates save Vegeta. Master Roshi said the Spirit Bomb was powerful enough to destroy Jiren if Goku could just land the attack, but the Pride Trooper was ultimately able to push it back on the Saiyan.

Of course, Kefla was expected by fans to be strong; You cannot combine Kale and Caulifla together and get any other result. Some fans have been vocal with their critiques of Kefla's power, but others agree the fusion's ability to multiply power worked as expected with the Universe 6 combo. So, audiences can only imagine what Kefla's power levels looked like when she detonated her remaining ki against Goku before he outed the fusion.

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