Dragon Ball Super Revisits Uub with a Clever Tease

Dragon Ball Super revisited Uub with a clever tease for the future! While Dragon Ball Super has [...]

Dragon Ball Super revisited Uub with a clever tease for the future! While Dragon Ball Super has been an exciting series in its own right just for offering new stories in Akira Toriyama's massive franchise, one of the most enticing aspects has been how it fills in the several years long gap left from Dragon Ball Z's ending. This has led to a surprising cameo from Uub in the series' past, but his newest return to the series at the end of the fight with Moro has offered up one of the most clever teases for his future yet.

Dragon Ball Super had ended the fight with Planet Eater Moro in the previous chapter, so Chapter 67 of the series brought the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc to an end as a whole. As it wrapped up the last of the lingering plot threads left from the fight, it also brought back Uub once more teasing his future together with Goku.

The newest chapter begins in the immediate aftermath of Goku dealing the final blow to Moro, and Vegeta has nothing but questions about where the final mass of power came from. Goku reveals that he has no idea about it either, and that it simply means there's another strong person on Earth. While neither he or Vegeta know, Goku then states that they'll meet in due time "probably."

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The chapter then cuts to the Grand Supreme Kai thanking Uub for his help in saving the Earth, and even says Uub is the savior of the universe. Uub has no idea what this god is talking about (which makes sense considering he has no idea about his power, and is likely very young at this point), and the Grand Supreme Kai doesn't really elaborate either. He only mentions that the two of them can be considered kin.

The Grand Supreme Kai then teleports away, and it catches Uub by such surprise that he even thinks it's all a dream. This is a clever tease for the future as it's already introduced him to the power and ideas that Goku introduces to him at the end of Dragon Ball Z. It's a fun way to not necessarily tease Uub will be more involved during this series, but to explain why he was so accepting of Goku's training later in the timeline.

But what do you think? Would you want to see Uub involved with the series before the end of Dragon Ball Z? Do you think Goku figures out who he is following this fight with Moro? Is there a way to bring in Uub even further into the action? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!