Dragon Ball Super Teases Goku's Big Ultra Instinct Goal

Dragon Ball Super is just days out from its next chapter, and the update promises to drop some big things on fans. After all, the manga's latest arc is wowing fans right now, and Granolah is gunning for Goku and Vegeta on Earth. Of course, the two heroes are busy doing their own things right now, and Goku has turned his eye to training with Whis. And now, it seems he has been given a new goal where Ultra Instinct is concerned...!

The whole thing came to light when Dragon Ball Super chapter 71 put up its preview. The update was shorter than usual this month, but it was more intense than usual. After all, chapter 71 checks in on Goku, and it shows him getting a new task from Whis.

According to the angel, Goku has more to do with Ultra Instinct if he wants to be on the same level as any angel. Whis confirms the difference between Goku and himself comes down to how easily accessible their power is. Whis is constantly in Ultra Instinct and can use its defensive boons at any time. But for Goku, the hero has to purposefully transform using Ultra Instinct if he wants that kind of power.

The Dragon Ball Super preview follows Goku as he decides to train his Ultra Instinct further, and he wants to be able to use it the same way Whis can. This is obviously a huge undertaking, so Goku is going to be training for awhile. Whis will be overseeing the whole thing, so he can keep busy while Beerus oversees his own pupil. After all, Vegeta is still getting the hang of using Hakai, and there is no doubt the Saiyan has progressed with the attack since he first used it awhile back.

What do you think about Goku's new plan? Do you think Whis will help our hero reach this goal? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.