Dragon Ball Super Drops First Sneak-Peek at Chapter 71

Dragon Ball Super is ready to bring out a new chapter this month, and the manga has big things in store for the release. After the last chapter, fans are eager for Granolah to meet Goku and Vegeta since the trio is on a collision path. And now, the first peek at chapter 71 has gone live for this month.

The post comes from DbsHype1 over on Twitter as they shared the first draft piece of chapter 71. It was there Dragon Ball Super fans got a look at a single panel from the big release, and it focuses on Goku amidst his latest bout of training.

As you can see above, the panel shows Goku sitting on the ground with his hands steepled together in front of him. Whis is shown in front of Goku on his feet, and the angel is asking a question.

"Do you know the biggest difference between us Angels and you, Goku," Whis asks.

Clearly, these two are continuing their training in chapter 71, and that is a good thing. Granolah is heading for the boys right now, and he has a huge grudge to settle. The baddie holds the Saiyan race responsible for his people's deaths. And with his wish in full effect, Granolah is one of the strongest warriors in the whole universe.


If Goku and Vegeta want to defeat Granolah, they will need to become stronger than they were when Granolah's wish was made. Beerus is helping Vegeta reach that goal call thanks to Hakai, but Whis has yet to show his cards to Goku. So if the angel has any plans up his sleeves, we would like to know about them ASAP!

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