Dragon Ball Super Drafts Teases Granolah's Saiyan Ambush

Granolah has been introduced as an interesting new character in the latest manga arc of Dragon [...]

Granolah has been introduced as an interesting new character in the latest manga arc of Dragon Ball Super, with his origins as an intergalactic bounty hunter tied to both the Saiyans and Freeza, and it seems as if the next chapter of the storyline is set to bring the new figure and the Z Fighters face to face. With Granolah managing to become the "strongest being in the universe" by making a twisted pact with the Eternal Dragon of his homeworld, Cereal, the bounty hunter has been granted an insane amount of power in exchange for all but three years of his life.

Granolah as a character has a background that is very close to that of Baby, the Dragon Ball GT villain who was the first major antagonist that Goku found himself fighting in the out of continuity sequel series. While Granolah is far more heroic than Baby was, it's clear that he has a serious score to settle with the Saiyans that survived the assault on the Planet Vegeta by Freeza, thanks in no small part to the criminal organization of the Heeters playing both sides. With the Heeters wanting to take Freeza's army for themselves, they've lied to both Granolah, Goku, and Vegeta, and the next chapter will seemingly show all sides colliding in an insane battle.

Twitter User Herms98 shared these preview images of the upcoming chapter of Dragon Ball Super's manga, which will see Goku and Vegeta brought on a collision course with Granolah, seeking vengeance for the loss of his people and his planet under the tyrannical rule of Freeza:

Fans are still waiting for any news regarding Dragon Ball Super's return to television, but the anime community was thrilled when it was revealed that the franchise would be getting a feature-length film next year with an original story by Akira Toriyama. While we aren't sure what the new story will be about, there is definitely a possibility that it could include manga characters that have yet to hit the anime proper as of yet.

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