Dragon Ball Super Officially Reveals Granolah's New Form

The latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super's manga continued the story of Granolah, the intergalactic [...]

The latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super's manga continued the story of Granolah, the intergalactic bounty hunter that lost his race to Freeza and his Saiyan underlings, and it seems as if the new character in the Shonen franchise has gained a new transformation that might just put him far above the Z Fighters. With The Granolah The Survivor Arc in full swing, following the conclusion of the Moro Arc, it seems as if the "strongest being in the universe" has emerged from an unexpected place that might spell big trouble for Goku, Vegeta, Freeza, and the universe at large.

Warning. If you have yet to read the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super's manga, Chapter 70, you might want to steer clear of the rest of this article as we'll be diving into some serious spoiler territory.

Granolah has gained a new form thanks in part to the Dragon Balls of his world, Cereal, which has transformed the bounty hunter into the strongest bounty hunter in the universe with a heavy price. Sacrificing all but three years in his life, Granolah has gained energy unlike anything the universe has ever seen and is seeking to find Freeza in order to finally avenge the loss of his race, the Cerealians.

Dragon Ball Granolah
(Photo: Shueisha)

Granolah's new form might look a little familiar, in that it simply caused his hair to grow much longer than it was before, ala Goku's Super Saiyan 3 form. Unlike Son's form, however, his face doesn't change as a result of the transformation and the bounty hunter is even able to pretty much do away with the "new form" by simply cutting his hair before meeting with the Heeters. With all but three years left in his lifespan, Granolah is now in a race against time to get revenge for the loss of his people.

The chapter ends with the Heeters coming to the realization that their best next move will be to pit Granolah against the Z Fighters, effectively taking him out of the picture so that they can take Freeza's army for themselves and rule the universe with this newfound power.

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