'Dragon Ball Super' Details One God’s Impossible Sacrifice

Dragon Ball Super is ready to expand its canon again thanks to its latest arc, and the ‘Galactic [...]

Dragon Ball Super is ready to expand its canon again thanks to its latest arc, and the 'Galactic Patrol Prisoner' story hasn't been shy about its revelations. After all, the series' manga was upfront with how much world building the arc would require, and it confirmed one Kaioshin made a truly difficult sacrifice long before Son Goku was even a thought.

Recently, Dragon Ball Super released its latest chapter, and it was there fans met up with a familiar Kai. After a long time away, the Daikaioh reappeared in a flashback focusing on a villain named Moro, and it was there fans discovered how far the god had to go to take down the wizard.

In the first few pages of chapter 43, fans were met with a disturbing sight as Moro wreaked havoc across the galaxy. It fell to the Daikaioh and South Supreme Kai to reign in the villain, but his overwhelming power could not be stopped. Having gained the ability to eat planets for their energy, Moro was nearly unbeatable, but the Daikaioh knew there was a way to defeat him.

All it required was for the ruling Supreme Kai to give up all his godly powers to make it happen.

"I've got no choice. I'll use up my god powers to steal his magic," the Daikaioh is heard telling the South Supreme Kai.

When asked how the Daikaioh could even sacrifice his power, the hero went on to explain he created the move for a worst case scenario.

"I created it. I had a feeling it might come in handy one day. It's far too dangerous to teach to anyone else."

The chapter wraps the flashback with the Daikaioh making good on his promise. The god gives up his special powers to seal away most of Moro's powers, but the baddie is still powerful enough afterward to give the Kaioshins a hard time. It is only thanks to the Galactic Patrol that Moro is manhandled into a prison, but their watch could not last forever. Nowadays, Moro is on the loose, and fans are feeling nervous that Goku might have to make a Daikaioh sacrifice to stop the magical villain.

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