Dragon Ball Super Promo Questions Why the Saiyans Were Destroyed

Dragon Ball Super has done a fair bit of digging into the Saiyan's history, and it seems that will carry on with the manga's new arc. The start of 2021 ushered in a new story involving Goku and Vegeta as always. Their new enemy has a serious bone to pick with the Saiyan race after what happened to his home planet, and thanks to a new teaser, fans are questioning whether Beerus had something to do with the downfall of Vegeta's people.

The whole thing began when Dragon Ball Super put out a new draft promo for its manga. Chapter 69 was put on display for fans to see as a few early pages from the manga were posted online. Thanks to translators like Herms98, fans have a better idea of what is happening in the sneak-peek, and one scene focuses on Beerus.

The surly God of Destruction is shown talking to Vegeta as the latter badgers him to learn a new power. Beerus doesn't mind playing mentor for the most part, but he has an important question to ask. The God of Destruction asks a question about the Saiyan race, and he says the answer is closely related to the power he's been teasing.

The conversation begins with Beerus asking after the Saiyan race and their penchant for taking over planets. It shifts to Freeza before long, and Vegeta says his dad's desire for power led his people to their end. However, Beerus says it is dumb to say that the Saiyans were destined to be wiped out. In fact, Vegeta and the history of the Saiyans have something to do with Vegeta, so here's to hoping this new arc susses out the secret.

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