Dragon Ball Super Mirrors The Matrix with Goku's Rematch Against Moro

If Goku were given the chance to take the red or blue pill from The Matrix, you couldn't stop the hero from chowing down both. The Saiyan is certainly a far cry from Neo, but The Matrix star does have some things in common with Goku. Their protagonist status makes them insanely good warriors, and they tend to make enemies wherever they go. And thanks to a new update, fans know Goku can do some of Neo's most impressive moves now.

This time though? Well, there is no Matrix to thank. Goku did not have to enter a virtual world to hone his skills. Instead, Goku went full Matrix in the new chapter of Dragon Ball Super thanks to a teacher's sacrifice.

If you have checked out the new update from Dragon Ball Super you will know what we are talking about. Goku spends much of the chapter's first pages internalizing Merus and his sacrifice. After he simmers his rage into a more potent emotion, Goku is able to unleash Perfected Ultra Instinct at will... and that means the Saiyan can use bullet time subconsciously.

You can check out the scene in question below. In one of the panels, Dragon Ball Super shows Goku in his perfected form fighting an increasingly irate Moro. No matter how many punches the latter throws, he cannot get a hit in. This is because Goku is off dodging hits without even looking at Moro, and this move is one that Neo did back in The Matrix.

As you will recall, Neo did not have the greatest physical prowess, but he was able to train enough to fight someone like Agent Smith. The baddie might have had tech-enhanced fighting skills, but Neo was able to dodge all of his blows without a single glance. While Goku and Neo reached this level by two different means, they are both masters of using bullet time to their advantage, so the only thing left to do is to teach Neo how to use the Kamehameha Wave.


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