Dragon Ball Super Reveals What Moro Thinks of the Gods

Dragon Ball Super's newest chapter has seen Goku unleash a perfected version of his Ultra Instinct form, and as Moro was on the ropes he revealed what he really thinks of the gods. When Moro began fighting against Goku and Vegeta the first time around, it seemed like he was aware of the gods' existence and over the course of the fight it was clear that he could detect godly ki. But now that Goku has reached godly new levels of power himself, Moro is beginning to feel inferior as Goku makes a mockery of him with counters and deflections.

During that time, Goku begins to chastise Moro in order to make him truly realize how much pain and destruction he has caused. Moro is starting to lose his mind, essentially, just like other villains of the past and begins to shout at Goku for thinking he's like a god. And Moro could not care less about them.

As Moro lies bloodied and beaten on the ground, Goku begins berating Moro for what he's done. After hearing Goku say he couldn't beat him, Moro lashes out at Goku for "lecturing" him for acting like a god. Moro then boasts that he does not fear divine power, and that he is a consumer of worlds. He even thinks of himself as a "supreme being."

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But then Goku beats him down even harder, so Moro just got a major reality check in this situation. At the same time, however, Moro has existed as a threat for thousands of years (who even defeated a Kai) so his longevity probably plays into his self-esteem. There were several fan theories about whether or not Moro had fought destroyers or was even potentially a former destroyer himself, but this makes it seem like he's just another villain.

Moro is a villain who was happy being a big fish in a little pond, but is clearly not a villain who would stack up against true godly power. Goku's not even exerting a ton of force either, so Moro's falling apart like this is certainly an eye-opener. But what do you think? What does this mean for the strength of Goku's Ultra Instinct Perfected? Could Moro have clashed with the real gods before and not just one of the Kais? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!