Dragon Ball Super Settles an Old Goku vs Jiren Debate

There is one thing you can rely on the Dragon Ball fandom to debate, and that is power levels. From the dawn of the series, fans have taken to meet-ups and forums to argue over their favorite fighter's power. This rings true today now that Dragon Ball's heroes are stronger than ever. In fact, Dragon Ball Super has caused several spats over this topic, and now the official Dragon Ball website is stepping in to settle one old score.

And who does the ordeal concern? Well, Goku is at the center of the debate. Back in the day, the Dragon Ball Super manga stirred debate over Goku vs Jiren, and now we know a bit more about the situation.

If you will remember, the Dragon Ball Super manga did cover the Tournament of Power, and it was there Goku fought Jiren. During the epic battle, a scene was shown where Super Saiyan Blue Goku powered up into a new form so he could carry on battling. At the time, debate raged over whether this new form was a heightened form of Super Saiyan Perfected Blue or rather a new type of Kaio-ken. The debate got ugly at times, but if you ask the official Dragon Ball website, the truth lies in the middle.

According to the website, Jiren did face off with Super Saiyan Blue Goku using Kaio-ken. We always knew this was possible as Goku used such power against Hit in a previous arc, but the Dragon Ball hero confused fans after he added Kaio-ken to his Perfect Super Saiyan Blue form. The technique gave off a blue aura when Goku fought Jiren rather than Kaio-ken's usual red hue. But as it turns out, the technique simply changes color when applied to the Perfected Super Saiyan Blue form.

This clarification has settled an old score with Dragon Ball fans, but it is worth noting the IP did address this argument long ago. Back in May 2020, V-Jump confirmed as much in a feature before a Japanese post on the official Dragon Ball site doubled down on the answer months later. Now, Goku vs Jiren has been revisited for a third time, so maybe this Dragon Ball address will end the fandom feud.

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