Dragon Ball: Google's Most Searched List of 2022 Includes Two Saiyans

These days, it is easier to connect with your favorite franchise than ever before. The continued expansion of social media and tech services is connecting the world in ways many never imagined. Platforms such as Google have made it ridiculously simple to search the Web for data. And now, a global report breaking down Google's searches last year has put Dragon Ball on the map.

Recently, the team at Glimpse broke down its research regarding Google and its most searched. After isolating more than 25 billion keywords, the team used tools to narrow down the volume to 20,000 in-demand searches. From there, a list of the 150 most-searched people in 2022 was released, and two familiar Saiyans made the cut.

It turns out Goku came in sixth place globally. This put the hero under Harry Styles who ranked fifth alongside Andrew Tate, Trump, Pele, and Messi. However, Goku managed to beat out other superstars like Taylor Swift, The Rock, and Bad Bunny. Further down the list, Vegeta landed in 56th place below Johnny Depp and Snoop Dogg. He did manage to beat out some impressive competitors as Vegeta usurped Elton John, Cardi B, and Lebron James.

Now, these two Saiyans were not the only anime characters who placed on Glimpse's list of most-searched people in 2022. Luffy from One Piece came in 16th place ahead of Tom Cruise, Eminem, and even Queen Elizabeth. His right-hand man Zoro also joined this list in spot 47 where he beat out Sylvester Stallone and Kate Middleton.

Finally, a member of the Demon Slayer corps made the cut, and it wasn't Tanjiro. It turns out Zenitsu landed on this list towards the end at spot 129. He managed to beat out Nick Jonas, Vladimir Putin, and Jojo Siwa. So if you ask us, Zenitsu should be celebrating his newfound notoriety.

As you can see, anime managed to rank across this list, and the characters were few and far between overall. According to Glimpse, only 5% of its top 150 entries were fictional characters. A third of the results were musicians while most others were politicians and actors. Athletes made up 7% of the list, and the smallest percentage of all was entrepreneurs. Elon Musk was the only one in that category to land in the top 150 entries.

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