Dragon Ball Super Is About to Answer All Our 'Super Hero' Questions

Dragon Ball Super's manga is now getting ready for its next big chapter, and it looks like the series is about to answer all of the lingering questions we have about Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero! Dragon Ball Super returned to anime with the first new release in its anime franchise in four long years, and it picked up a few years after the events of Dragon Ball Super: Broly. This not only brought about some cool new power ups, new enemies, and more, but also opened up a lot of questions about how it will be changing the canon of the franchise moving forward. 

Dragon Ball Super's manga recently ended a special prequel arc for the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero feature film as it revealed what led up to the events of the new movie. With the previous chapter then setting up the movie's opening, the next chapter of the series will kick off a full manga adaptation of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. In the first look at Dragon Ball Super Chapter 91 (as spotted by @DbsHype on Twitter), it's clear that the manga will be fleshing out the events of the new movie with some additional materials.

What's Coming in Dragon Ball Super's New Arc? 

Dragon Ball Super's manga previously announced it would be working through a prequel for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero focusing on Goten and Trunks, but now that the manga has kicked off its adaptation for the events of the movie, they won't be seen again until the climax of the action kicks off. As for now, it seems like we will be getting a more fleshed out version of the movie that has the time to explore some of the other characters who end up involved in the movie. 

That includes some unseen benefits as well as with Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero not only featuring Gohan and Piccolo in the center role against the main foes this time around, but they debuted some new power ups as a result. This means that these power ups will be introduced to the manga's canon, and thus on the table for any potential Dragon Ball Super anime and manga adventures to come after. 

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