Dragon Ball Super Creator Clarifies New Detail About Namekian Origins

While the Saiyans might get the lion's share of the spotlight in the Shonen franchise created by [...]

While the Saiyans might get the lion's share of the spotlight in the Shonen franchise created by Akira Toriyama, the race that was born on Namek holds a significant role in the history of Dragon Ball. With a recent interview with the artist of Dragon Ball Super, Toyotaro, dove into one key aspect of the alien race that helped forge the Dragon Balls and remains a key part of the series via Piccolo and the other members of his race.

The whole thing went live earlier this year when Dragon Ball Super put out a new chapter with Granolah. The avenger was given a history lesson about the Namekian race by his roommate as Monaito happens to be part of the gang. However, it was there fans learned something strange about the Namekian people.

Dragon Ball Super Piccolo Shocked
(Photo: Toei Animation)

The main issue is the manga confirmed where the Namekians are from in part. According to the update, the Namekians are not from Planet Namek as their name would make you think. It turns out the race first thrived on Planet Cereal alongside Monaito, but the clan moved elsewhere as time went on.

Creator Akira Toriyama took time to confirm this info in a recent chat, or rather, his illustrator did. Toyotaro spoke with the Shueisha editorial team about Granolah's arc, and it was there he confirmed Toriyama pulled the trigger on the Namekian lesson.

"Yeah, who would've thought the Namekians were never actually a race born on Planet Namek. I mean, I definitely can't make that sort of huge decision. That came from Toriyama," he shared.

Clearly, the Namekian race has a convoluted history, and fans are surprised to learn they did not spawn from Planet Namek. Or at least, that we know of art this moment. Toriyama could still school Dragon Ball fans in the future, but for now, the creator has made up his mind about where Piccolo's kind comes from.

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