Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Sets Up Important Detail About Piccolo's Home

Next year is slated to revisit the world of Dragon Ball Super with the next feature-length film in the franchise in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, which will take the opportunity to explore characters outside of just Goku and Vegeta, with Piccolo confirmed to play a prominent role. With Akira Toriyama confirming that the next movie will focus far less on power than Dragon Ball Super Broly had previously, the Namekian will apparently have his own abode that has a number of hidden secrets when it comes to the origins of Piccolo's new crib.

As revealed on the Official Dragon Ball site, the new house of Piccolo's is so close to Gohan's family, that the Namekian is able to visit them daily, regularly sharing meals with them and continuing his role as a father figure not just to the son of Goku but also to Pan, the daughter of Gohan who will also play a major role in this next movie. On top of the proximity to Gohan's family, Piccolo is also living in a house that is atop a mountain owned by none other than Mr. Satan, Gohan's father in law who has managed to trick his way into being thought of as the champion of the world and reaped the rewards.

Twitter User Herms98 shared the new details, previously having been printed in the Resurrection of F book, regarding Piccolo's new house that tells us more about the nitty-gritty of the upcoming Dragon Ball Super film that is focusing more on the Namekian, the daughter of Pan, and police officer Krillin to name a few:

A release date has yet to be revealed as to when Dragon Ball fans can expect this new movie to arrive in either the East or the West, but it seems as if this film will be the next time we are able to see the Z Fighters, with no news regarding when the television series will spring back up on the small screen.


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