Dragon Ball Super Art Imagines The Future For Goku And Uub

Dragon Ball Super takes place in an interesting time frame in the Shonen series of Dragon Ball, [...]

Dragon Ball Super takes place in an interesting time frame in the Shonen series of Dragon Ball, actually taking place between the period that saw the fall of Majin Buu and the advent of Goku taking the young boy Uub under his wing, and one fan has imagined what the future Dragon Ball Z fight between teacher and student will look like. In the fight between Goku and Uub during the final episodes of Dragon Ball Z, Son did not show off any of his transformations, allowing for the advent of Super Saiyan God and Ultra Instinct to easily be introduced.

During the events of the Moro Arc, the storyline that took place following the conclusion of the Tournament of Power saga and the Broly battle, Goku and the other Z Fighters found themselves in quite the hairy situation. The horned sorcerer was using his power to fuse with the Earth itself and Son needed a boost from his friends in order to defeat the latest villain of the series, finding an assist from a most unexpected source. With the sequel series taking place years after the death of Kid Buu, none other than Uub was able to lend a hand and deliver Goku the energy he needed to eradicate Moro and save the Earth once again.

Instagram Artist Batman Drew Art shared this new take on the battle between Goku and Uub, imagining the Saiyan warrior unleashing the full power of Ultra Instinct and the reincarnation of Kid Buu managing to tap into the god energy that was hinted at during the Moro Arc:

Currently, Goku and Vegeta are battling the insane power that has been unleashed from the intergalactic bounty hunter known as Granolah, who has an ax to grind with the Saiyan Race, who was ordered to eradicate the Cerealians under the alien despot Freeza. With Goku's perfected Ultra Instinct not enough to take down Granolah, Vegeta has entered the fray and unleashed a brand new transformation that he learned while training under the god of destruction Beerus.

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