Dragon Ball Super Introduces a New Namekian Elder

Dragon Ball introduced fans to the Namekian race a long time ago, and the group has only grown since then. Over the years, the alien race has grown to include some of the greatest warriors in all the multiverse, and there are still more out in the cosmos. After all, Dragon Ball Super just introduced a new Namekian to the universe.

The moment in question went down in the manga's new update. Chapter 69 just went live this week, and it has a lot of story to cover. A ton was made public in this release, and fans were surprised to learn Granolah has been living with a Namekian elder for quite some time. The man goes by the name Monaito, and he has been on the planet for a long time.

According to Monaito, he arrived to the planet a long time ago with a slew of other Namekians in tow. Now, the man is last one remaining of the group, and he is over 600 years old. He looks very similar to other Namekian elders in the series as he rocks a cape and walking staff.

Despite his age, Monaito is a witty man, and he seems to value honesty above all else. He is the first to dissuade Granolah from seeking revenge, so he appears to be pacifistic. He also birthed a pair of Dragon Balls to life which work on the Cerealian planet. The two items are strong enough to do a great few tasks, and Monaito has kept the one-star ball with him at home for years.


At this point, fans have little idea why Monaito has been keeping a low profile on the planet, but he seems genuinely fond of his housemate. Readers expect to learn more about the Namekian as this arc continues, but a threat from the Heeter gang might put his life in danger before too long.

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