Dragon Ball Super Reveals the Greatest Warrior in the Universe

Dragon Ball Super has set the stage for its greatest warrior in the universe reveal with the [...]

Dragon Ball Super has set the stage for its greatest warrior in the universe reveal with the newest chapter of the series. Dragon Ball Super's newest chapter has taken another crucial step into the Granolah the Survivor arc, and it continues to set the stage for the major conflict of the arc overall. The series introduced us to a new warrior, Granolah, and he's been seething with the need for vengeance against the Saiyans and Freeza for killing his people. The previous cliffhanger of the series saw Granolah vowing to become stronger, and he takes on big step towards that in the newest release.

Chapter 69 of Dragon Ball Super continues to explore the kind of character Granolah is, and he (and fans) are introduced to a new kind of Dragon Balls from a Namekian that is living with him. It's here that he eventually discovers they can grant any wish, and Granolah reveals that his wish is to become the greatest warrior in the universe.

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A previous cliffhanger of the series saw the Oracle Fish making the ominous claim that the universe's strongest warrior would be making an appearance soon. While this could have meant Goku or Vegeta, this is increasingly looking like Granolah will actually take on this role as the foretold warrior. But is that really the case? Will Granolah be able to become the strongest with this wish?

This could very well be the case, but it's also looking like it might be a fake out. The wish granting dragon is a different kind than we have seen in the past, and with it only being two Dragon Balls strong, there's a good chance there will be limits on the type of wishes it could grant. Something vague like making Granolah the strongest won't work, and might be impossible considering the fighters this universe has to offer.

Then again, with a series like this it's entirely possible that Granolah gets a huge strength boost with the next chapter as wilder things have happened! What do you think? Do you think Granolah is the prophesied strongest warrior in the universe? Will Goku and Vegeta be able to stack up in this case? How could they match up to that power? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!