Dragon Ball Super Confirms Climax of Moro Fight in Next Chapter

The long awaited conclusion of the Moro Arc in Dragon Ball Super is apparently right around the corner, and it seems as if the fight against the energy absorbing sorcerer will be coming to a close by the end of the year as Chapter 67 will mark the end of the current arc. With Moro absorbing the power of the Earth itself by fusing with the planet, following a bonehead decision on the part of Goku, fans are waiting to see how, and if, the Z Fighters are able to defeat the latest villain of the Akira Toriyama franchise!

The Moro Arc has been a mixed bag for Dragon Ball fans, with many readers believing it has too many similarities to story lines of the past, while others are happy to see the progression of the likes of Goku and Vegeta, while also giving lesser used characters like Yamcha and Master Roshi some much needed spotlight. Though we still have yet to receive confirmation about what the story arc will be following Moro, we are crossing our fingers that fans of Dragon Ball will be happy with the results and give readers some unexpected twists along the way!

Dragon Ball Hype reported that the final battle of the arc would be taking place in the next chapter of Dragon Ball Super in Chapter 66, while the conclusion of the Moro Arc as a whole will be coming to a close the following month in December 2020 with the 67th chapter of the popular Shonen sequel series.

Following the Tournament of Power Arc, the Dragon Ball Super anime went on hiatus, with fans waiting years to see when Goku and the other fighters would return to the world of anime. With Dragon Ball Super: Broly raising the series to new heights with its theatrical release, fans are left wondering whether if this story line will be translated the anime series proper, similarly to how Battle of Gods and Resurrection of F were.


While there are many Dragon Ball questions left unanswered about the Shonen's future, the next big Shonen event in Jump Festa is most likely our next big bet as to when further announcements will be revealed.

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