Dragon Ball Super Preview Breaks Down The Next Chapter Of Moro

The Moro Arc seems to be winding down within the pages of Dragon Ball Super's manga, with Goku and the rest of the Z Fighters facing off against the energy absorbing sorcerer and a new preview seems to break down the next action packed installment of the battle that has seen some of the biggest moments of the Shonen series. With Goku making another bone headed move in the previous chapter of the manga, fans are waiting to see if the Saiyan protagonist will be able to correct his mistake or if he will be bailed out before Moro can do more damage!

In the last chapter of Dragon Ball Super, Goku, using his fully mastered ability of Ultra Instinct, began dismantling Moro but fell into the same mental trap that he has fallen into more than once. Attempting to forgive Moro, by lending him a helping hand, throwing away his status as an honorary member of the Galactic Patrol, and even giving him a senzu bean, Goku has given his enemy the perfect opportunity to not only survive, but find a new level of power. Moro absorbs the power of Merus and his angelic abilities, while also becoming a part of the Earth itself in order to maintain his grasp on Ultra Instinct himself!

Twitter User DBS Hype shared this preview for Chapter 66 of Dragon Ball Super's manga, which seemingly covers the first twelve pages of the next installment, documenting how Goku will be able to tackle Moro now that he has become a part of the Earth itself:

Many fans of Dragon Ball Super have been left wondering just where the series will go from here, not simply in the manga following the Moro Arc, but the anime itself which has been on hiatus since the conclusion of the Tournament of Power Arc. With Jump Festa set to arrive later this year, an event which focuses on big new announcements from the world of Shonen Jump, fans are crossing their fingers that Dragon Ball Super will point toward the anime's return!

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