Dragon Ball Super Shares Sneak Peek at Chapter 66

Dragon Ball Super has shared a sneak peek of Chapter 66 of the series! Now that Dragon Ball's [...]

Dragon Ball Super has shared a sneak peek of Chapter 66 of the series! Now that Dragon Ball's official website has set an official end date for the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc, the rest of the chapters in the year are going to be more enticing than ever before the manga starts off a brand new arc next year. This makes the wait for the next chapter of the series tougher, and thankfully we have an idea of what kind of fight Goku is in for with the next chapter thanks to an early preview of Chapter 66.

The series has shared the rough drafts for the first few pages of the next chapter of the series, and they tease the next big phase of Goku's fight against Moro. Titled "Planet Eater Moro," Chapter 66 of the series teases how the Earth's defenders will be scrambling to somehow save de-fuse Moro from the Earth and save everyone.

As pulled together by @DbsHype on Twitter, the first few pages of the chapter tease how Goku and the others will be reacting to Moro's monstrous new form as he starts drawing in energy from everyone and everything on the planet. The next few pages see Beerus and Whis get involved when it's clear that Moro's new form is too much for Goku to handle:

Finally, the last pages from the early sneak peek tease that Whis will get directly involved in the fight against Planet-Sized Moro and probably gives Goku and last resort kind of choice as it could be that Beerus might be forced to destroy the Earth if Moro becomes more of a problem. Then again, if the last page is any indication, Vegeta might hold the key out of this issue.

What do you think of this sneak peak into Dragon Ball Super Chapter 66? How do you think the fight against Moro will progress from here? Curious to see how the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc will come to an end? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!