Dragon Ball Super Editor Reflects on the Origins of Ultra Instinct

Dragon Ball Super's editor recently reflected on the origins of Ultra Instinct Goku as they spoke about the future of the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc currently unfolding in the manga. Although Ultra Instinct was introduced to the anime before making its way to the official manga take on the franchise, editor for the series in Shueisha's V-Jump magazine, "Victory" Uchida, recently spoke to Shueisha (as translated by Cipher_db on Twitter) about not only incorporating the form into the manga but his various surprises about its early development from concept to finalized design from series creator Akira Toriyama himself.

As Uchida references in the interview, the plan was to have Goku slowly getting stronger and progressing in this new direction during a story meeting early on in Ultra Instinct's conception. The team all agreed that "Migatte no Gokui" (the Japanese name for the form) sounded cool, but its development did surprise Uchida from there.

Dragon Ball Super Goku Ultra Instinct Anime
(Photo: Toei Animation)

Uchida did not initially expect the Ultra Instinct form to come with a complete appearance change (most likely referencing the earlier Sign version of the form that just comes with a new aura), and he admitted that Akira Toriyama's final silver haired design for the form surprised him.

Referencing how Toriyama's original take on Ultra Instinct Goku matched the cooler, more laid back expression of his initial reveal of the Super Saiyan God form, Uchida referenced how well Toriyama and Dragon Ball Super illustrator Toyotaro work together. Building off ideas on one another in an easier than expected fashion, Uchida revealed that plans are already being put in place for what's coming next.


Promising a twist to the strange tease for Chapter 65 of the series that saw Goku potentially saving and even healing Planet Eater Moro following the previous chapter, Uchida revealed that this tease was an intentional troll by the team behind the series as the next chapter of the series will feature a twist as the fight with Moro (and thus the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc overall) will be reaching its climax fairly soon.

But what do you think? How do you feel about Ultra Instinct Goku in the manga compared to how Goku unlocked the form in the anime? Curious to see how this new Goku will head into the future against even stronger opponents? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!